Basic And Effective Ways To Improve Your Health

Congratulations on deciding that it is time for a change. There is no time like the present to improve your health, which is what this little guide is all about. It will share some basic and effective ways to improve your health starting right now. And even though some of these suggestions might sound dated, they remain the best. So, without wasting any more precious time, this is what you need to know about making the change towards better health.

Source: Harvard Health – Harvard University

Make Sure You Get Quality Sleep

So many people underestimate the value of sleep. The reality is that sleep plays a profound part in your overall well-being. If you are serious about feeling better about yourself, start by establishing a regular sleep routine. Make a point of it to be in bed at a certain time and to get seven to eight hours of solid sleep.

Yes, this means removing all the disruptive electronics from the bedroom and only using it for resting. Don’t make your bedroom a living room half the time, because this will influence the quality of sleep you get. And yes, try to wake up at a specific time every morning. A routine of solid sleep will help you stay in a good mood for longer. It will also help to keep your body in a healthy state.

Take A Hard Look At Your Diet

With so many food options these days, who can blame you for losing your way in terms of following a healthy diet? But there is also a common misconception that diets are only for reaching a target weight. This means individuals that do not necessarily struggle with weight issues are likely to be more careless about what they eat.

Always keep in mind that unhealthy eating habits can lead to other problems excluding weight gain. Good examples of bad consequences of following a bad diet can be seen in diabetes and clogged arteries. At the same time, the food and beverages you consume determine how much energy you have to get through the day.

It Is Time To Get Active

Nobody is saying you should live and breathe on a treadmill. You don’t even have to go to the gym if you don’t want to. The point is to simply get active. Then maintain the activity on a regular basis. This could mean participating in a sport you like very much. Or just swimming a few laps three or four times a week can present the perfect foundation towards improved health.

Of course, you will see better results if you introduce a gym routine that targets a full-body workout. But exercises like yoga and pilates can be just what you need instead.

Engage Healthy Passions

Do you have a hobby you are passionate about, but don’t spend enough time engaging? It is important that you allow yourself to enjoy hobbies and activities that provide constructive stimulation. Maybe you are the type of person that just likes to socialize with friends? If so, make a point to spend more time with them.

Decompress And Clear Your Mind

Source: Engage Coaching Group

Something you should never underestimate is stress. Once it starts to creep in through the cracks, it can build and build into a huge mountain. Before you know it, your muscles feel like they are permanently tense, creating headaches you’ve never experienced.

You don’t realize it, but you build up small amounts of stress on a daily basis. Just the drive to work can add to your frustration. And if you do not get rid of the building stress, it will eventually lead to outbursts and health issues. So, address your stress by taking that hot bath before bedtime and letting your mind drift to nowhere.

Take Time To Relax

If you do not make time to relax, nobody is going to give it to you. And by now you probably realize how critical relaxing can be for your health. Out of all the tips mentioned above, really take this one seriously.

Now that you have more perspective on how to improve your health without taking extreme measures, it is a matter of making it happen. Are you ready to be healthy and happy from this day on?

A Guide To Working Out Your Abs At Home

First, we will start with planks which are undoubtedly one of the best ab exercises that exist. Best of all, you don’t need any equipment at all in order to do them. In order to do a plank, you will have to get on the ground and start with a pushup position. However, bend your elbows so that your forearms and parallel to your body and you should ensure your elbows are positioned under your shoulders. Your body should be straight and be careful not to arch your back or raise your butt. Once you are in the correct position, hold this pose for 30 seconds then rest for 20 seconds and repeat. You should strive to hold the plank for longer periods of time as it will help to strengthen your abdominal muscles. Therefore, work on holding the plank from 30 seconds then 1 minute, then 90 seconds, 2 minutes, etc.

One of the most sought after physical features is defined abdominal muscles aka the six-pack. Many people think that they have to religiously go to the gym in order to get abs but that is quite far from the truth. You can easily get a stronger core and even defined abs by working out at home. So, with that said, we will look at how you can do just that so that you can have beautifully sculpted abs.

Source: Fitlab 253

You can also do different variations of the plank exercise to work your core. We will now look at a plank circuit that will not only combat boredom but ensure your abs are always challenged. To start with, you will need to do 15 side planks followed by 15 pushups and then a 1 minute plank. Then, do 20 forearm planks with toe taps followed by 25 knee-ins. You can then finish up this exercise with 20 more pushups, rest and then repeat the circuit.

Next, another great way to work out your abs at home is to do traditional ab exercises such as the crunch, Russian twist, butterfly kick, knee drop, etc. We will now look at a circuit that you can easily try at home. Firstly, start with 25 crunches followed by 25 butterfly kicks. Then, do 25 crunches with your elbows to your knees and then 25 Russian twists. Next, do 25 butterfly situps, 25 butterfly kicks, 15 crunches and then finish up with 15 side to side knee drops. After you’ve finished this circuit, rest for 30 seconds and then repeat the entire circuit two times.

If you have some dumbbells at home, then you can do ab workouts with added resistance. Equipment isn’t necessary to get a great workout but they do add another dimension and exercise variations. If you’re looking to stock up on home gym equipment make sure to check out sites like Home Gym Reviewed. Dumbbells add extra resistance that is great for progressive overloading your abs. Adding extra weight makes the workout more challenging and gradually make your abs stronger. So, once you do a warm-up and you have at least one pair of dumbbells, you can start by doing 15 dumbbell renegade rows, 10 split squats, 25 single-arm overhead presses, 15 single-leg squats, 10 side planks with 10 dumbbell flyes on each side, 20 single-leg deadlifts followed by upright rows. Once you’ve completed the entire circuit, rest for a minute and then repeat the entire circuit.

There are many exercises that you can use to strengthen your abs, but there is one particular exercise than many experienced bodybuilders swear by. This exercise is known as the stomach vacuum and it will strengthen your abs as well as tighten your waistline and even help to protect your organs. In order to do this exercise, you will need to stand up straight with your legs apart. Then, breathe slowly in through your nose so that you completely fill your lungs with air, exhale and repeat a few times. Then, breathe in again and completely exhale all of the air from your lungs and suck in your stomach as far in as you can. You should imagine trying to get your belly button to touch your back. Hold this position for 20 seconds and then release and breathe normally. You should strive to increase the time that you hold the stomach vacuum for and it is best to do this exercise at least 5 times per session with a short break in between each hold.

Source: Shelly Darlington

To wrap things up, we have just looked at how you can work out your abs at home. Be sure to incorporate the exercises described above into your ab fitness routine and your abs will not only get stronger but look a lot better which will make your entire physique more aesthetic.